'I’ve spent a life falling from the sky when I should have been rising to the care of others. Time and space are fad distractions'




Filled with a desire for alliance, soaring love and compassion THE VS MONO STUDIO release a symbolic wedding dress in decommissioned French military green parachute & Serbian [SOURCED] parachute release-mechanism to demonstrate the latent disorientation in the world. SPACE INVADER WAS THE [2017] MAJOR SUMMER EXHIBIT AT THE HARI, BELGRAVIA, LONDON. 

'It was quite common for wartime brides in both Britain and America to engineer wedding dresses in whatever material they could lay their hands on. It would however, have been frowned upon to cut up a working military parachute. As metropolis takes a deep breath to process the unimaginable, we REVISIT aN IMPORTANT phase of self-expression'.